Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today's Photo: Lost Boy Beach, Again!

Today's Photo is of Lost Boy Beach, the secret beach cove that our beautiful rental perched above, ensconced in a forest in Oceanside, OR. I wish I could have stayed there the entire summer! By taking a little trail (below) lined with wildflowers we could reach this peaceful haven. I've never experienced such breathtaking views of the ocean and jagged rocks before. Our planet is truly a marvel.

Being in a landlocked state for the next five months is not going to be easy, when all I can do is dream of seashells...

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  1. Just beautiful...

    Thank you for that,

  2. such beautiful pictures! everything looks so peacful... i wish i can be there right  now..hehe

    - abeer @

  3. These are so beautiful pictures that you have taken! I close my eyes, imagine I am there, and I am at peace.


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